Wellbeing is a key aspect of business performance and employee engagement and our workshop’s offer a practical and preventative approach to employee wellbeing and performance. We equip employees with knowledge they need to truly reach their full potential.

Three key areas that Optimum Living workshops include:

Physical & Mental Wellbeing: Providing employees with tools to enable better functional movement, regular high nutrient meal choices and how to experience proper rest is integral to their long-term resilience and performance. Topics covered within this focus area include functional movement, importance of sleep and optimum nutrition.

Work Smarter: Balance between work and non-work time is becoming a growing issue. Switching-off time from work is an essential component for mental and physical health and an essential skill for employees to thrive. Employees with a well-rounded balanced life will be happier and will perform better at work. Working smarter versus longer is key for sustainable high performance. Mindfulness and attention management are key tools to help with this balance, these will be introduced and experienced as part of the programme to improve productivity, increase focus and enhance mental agility.

Success Mindset: Provide your employees with the tools and techniques to respond rather than react, to be resilient in times of stress and turbulence. This topic embeds a coaching approach into everyday behaviour throughout your organisation to drive an engaged culture and a growth mindset. Key components are celebrating success, understanding the human stress response, recognition and feedback.

Giving employees the opportunity to invest in their own wellbeing at work puts them directly in the driving seat enabling them to be more productive, more energised and more engaged.

Our robust consultation process enables us to create a tailored programmes to precisely fit your company culture, employee demographic and specific requirements.

Wellness Programmes

Escape the cult of average! It is no secret that in order to achieve the best business results, an organisation needs to have a relentless focus on its key success assets – their people. At a time when we are expecting more from our workforce, the impact of poor health and wellbeing is becoming more and more evident. Our international research illustrates this perfectly, 69% of teams reporting daily low energy levels, 78% describe being overwhelmed with their workload and are finding it difficult to make decisions, whereas 65% wake up each day NOT feeling refreshed or revitalised to start their work. These issues and more could be effecting the vitality, health and performance of you and your organisation.

Leading organisations are increasingly re-examining their value systems and are reaping the benefits of incorporating health and wellbeing into their work culture.

Even small changes to a person’s lifestyle and habits facilitated through education, can make a huge difference to the way people feel and perform. Want to guess the leading health challenge of facing employers today? No prizes for guessing – stress!!!

Moving from surviving, to THRIVING! Giving employees the opportunity to invest in their own wellbeing at work puts them directly in the driving seat enabling them to be more productive, more energised and more engaged – qualities that cannot fail to show ultimately as a benefit to business effectiveness and profits.

Optimum Living have designed, managed and delivered successful, high impact health and wellbeing programmes across the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US. These programmes have measurably improved the performance of individuals and teams, ensuring people are given the conditions to thrive. From improving energy and focus levels, to reducing absenteeism, increasing employee engagement and talent retention – the right corporate wellbeing programme does a lot more than tell people to eat better and exercise more. The World Economic Forum has predicted $47 trillion of cumulative output loss in the next two decades due to chronic diseases and mental health disorders. Employee wellbeing is not a ‘nice to have’ it is a strategic imperative!

The dynamics and requirements of each business are as individual as the people who work there. There is no “one-size fits all” offering, our robust, consultation process enables us to create tailored programmes to precisely fit your company culture, employee demographic and specific requirements.

121 Coaching

Sometimes times we all need a little support to reclaim or fully realise our optimum health and energy. Funnily enough the answer is not contained in a ‘magic pill’, but rather rediscovering your vitality by learning how to eat well, sleep well, listen to our bodies and manage the stresses in our lives more effectively. The results are then sustainable and deliver long-term health benefit.

My personalised nutrition approach isn’t about the latest trendy diet or what is in fashion, but more about building an achievable plan of action together, focused on your personal health goals and most importantly getting to the WHY this important for you. The coaching you will receive will help you to make better life enhancing choices, that effect your health and energy long term!


During our initial consultation we will establish your health and lifestyle goals. To be able to truly assess an individual’s health issues the process involves many areas of consideration. Your full health history will be reviewed including areas such as, diet, lifestyle, predisposing factors, current medications and any triggering events. Assessing your requirements from an intricate system’s biology perspective, rather than isolated symptoms.

This information will form the basis of a tailored, transformational programme, with the aim to quickly identify the crucial areas for you, where minimum change can deliver maximum benefit. Change is approached at a pace that is right for you, allowing for the development of new long-term habits, that can offer immediate benefit and protect your health for the future!

I have helped thousands of people to improve their wellbeing, regardless of their starting points, get in touch to understand how you can achieve increased vitality now.

I am a member of two highly regarded and leading professional associations, ensuring I am kept up to date with emerging research in the healthcare arena and continue to evolve my practice. The Institute for Functional Medicine and the Royal Society of Medicine.

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'Work Fuel' is co-written by Colette Heneghan, Optimum Living and Graham Allcott, the original productivity Ninja due to be released March 2019

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What our clients say

The seminar was educational, eye opening, entertaining and importantly reinforced key messages that will aid performance and reduce risks associated with alcohol consumption in the sporting population. Thanks very much for your expertise.

Rob Leather, Head Physio, LCCC

Colette is a hugely knowledgeable and highly enthusiastic individual who has a natural ability to inspire people to improve their understanding of health and wellbeing issues. Colette is armed with a number of simple but highly effective tips which will help make a difference to the quality of individual’s lives.

Phil, Analyst, Enterprise Operations Telecoms

Colette speaks with real passion and belief which really shines through. She also shows true understanding and empathy with her audience. Highly recommended for well-being and health coaching in the workplace.

Hilary, Internal Communications, Mobile Telecoms

Amazing and a truly inspiring presenter, Colette makes accessible to the busy person health and wellbeing. Thanks for showing us the way – I guarantee your expert advice and guidance will be put to good use within our team for a long time to come!

Matthew, Corporate Sales, Software

Inspired, invigorated and feeling valued. This is how I left Colette’s workshop. After 18 years in a Corporate environment, no-one had ever offered advice on how to manage stress or improve my nutrition and energy levels, so this was a breath of fresh air. Thank you kindly for your insight. I plan to make ‘big’ changes.

Helen, Marketing & Communications, Telecoms

The approach to the subject area was the crucial bit for me, Colette made it relevant to business needs and used language that made it easy to follow. From the workshop I have made a number of changes that are positively affecting my energy levels and productivity inside and outside of work and 3 months on they are still part of my life. I highly recommend Colette and Optimum Living’s approach to any large global business looking to make some ‘real’ improvements to their team’s wellbeing

Richard, Global Account Manager, Mobile Telecoms